If you have a chance and would like some centering in your life, attend a sound bath experience! You will be lying on the floor in your own serenity, experiencing an assortment of sounds coming from multiple points within your conscious bubble. All while perfectly pitched quartz singing bowls set the vibration of the journey. Truly a great way to embrace the day.


Joe Little

Words do no justice for the magnificent community that Ashley has created to help the healing process. Ashley's energetic yoga class, sound baths, and HUM(3M) events have given me mental and physical relief that I have not been able to receive anywhere else.

After long years of suffering, it was a god send for me to find Ashley, HUM, & Twilight Reveille.

Entrepreneur & Veteran

Chris Henry

A beautiful initiative born from the heart of a beautiful soul.

Artist & Songwriter

Aliza Hava

HUM creates a sacred space in order to go deep within and release the tensions in the body. Highly recommend!


Andrew Giordano

HUM is just good people up to beautiful heart filling activities.

I would sing and dance with this group anytime!

Innovation Specialist

Timothy Daniel Moraru

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