Winner - Best of Atlanta Wellness Program

At the end of 2019, Ashley Chase, Founder of HUM was honored with the award for the Best of Atlanta Wellness Program Award!

This journey has been a very challenging one, to a point when I was told I won the award, I questioned the Atlanta Business Recognition committee because I did not believe I had won. It was weird feeling to know that all the energy I had been sharing with audiences throughout the Southeastern states had won me an award in Atlanta, GA. I did not believe it. My family had to point out that I had actually won the award, once I shared the email with them.

(At Author and Online TV Host: Jessica Joines's CEO Women's Purpose Retreat introducing the crystal singing bowls to the women's group.)

I have had the honor of sharing techniques throughout the past six years to many audiences small and large. All of these audiences I am so thankful, that they have helped give me the support back that instilled more confidence to not only continue to share what was helping me heal myself, but to start developing the programs and tools that I will share with others in the future.

After being hospitalized for tumor and cystic growths found in my reproduction organs, given small surgical procedures over 2 years from 5 different doctors in Atlanta and NYC, told the last approach was to have a hysterectomy and that I would die in 5 years if I did not change my life, I knew I had to do something.

My parents had already raised us with an organic and mainly vegan/ vegetarian upbringing where physical exercise was an important step in our daily life, so my mind began to ponder with what this could be that's causing the growths and the threatening of my life in my twenties.

Life is so precious. I realized over the next decade that life was more precious and each seed of light in it, even more precious than anything else. I began to hold gratitude at the apex of my being while the doctors took parts of me out and biopsied. I never had the hysterectomy because I did not feel it was right. I trusted my intuition and soon met an energy healer named Sandra LeMieux who began to help me awaken the true I AM.

Prismatic Lotus is a strong symbolism in our healing journey. I bring this symbol to many healing ceremonies and experiences. This lotus was displayed for our collaborative "SoulShine Women's Retreat" with Kindred Lane LLC Founder Elaine Dinos.

The prism and lotus represent the clarity one finds as they heal themselves and do their prismatic work. The lotus representing the foundation of the seed of yourself, the flower of life.

Most of our classes take place outside as we connect to the Elements and allow the Earth to help us in our surrendering and release of the energies that are no longer serving our highest good.

(Picture taken during our HUM Energetiks Movement (Yoga Class) outside our long-term contract with Apartment Corporate Communities, Walton on the Chattahoochee River)

Small groups in intimate studios like this one in Buckhead, SAMA Food for Balance - Ayurvedic Cafe & Meditation Studio, give us a chance to share the sound in a very deep and rejuvenating way that helps people release physical pain and gain clarity and insight into their lives.

We offer small groups also in homes and office spaces for our HUM movement and sound healing experiences.

HUM also shares its classes in Corporate Wellness Programs with several corporate companies around the Atlanta area. We are continually developing and sharing more insight to maximize focus, rest, wellness, and production in corporate settings and schools.

(Pictured here is from our Corporate Energetiks Program inside Resource Alliance Inc Headquarters for HR Agents.)


We look forward to servicing you in the future!

Thank you,

Ashley Chase

Founder of HUM

For more information about Ashley, please visit her website:

Social Media @ashestograce and HUM - @HUM_HeartsUnitingMankind

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