twilight reveille

After years of playing the crystal singing bowls in my home, I was asked to fill in, in the sound band called 'twilight reveille', and the playing never stopped.

Every Wednesday evening we play: Seay, Jennifer Proctor, Ashley Chase, and other invited musicians to bring to life a beautiful cascade of meditative sounds for a sound journey. Each week we have approximately 10-25 people and are delighted to share our sound healings with the audience members and have their insight.

The sounds are created by an assortment of earth-made acoustic instruments. Each instrument is attuned to the frequency of a pure musical note and hertz that also connects to each chakra in ones body.

With the instruments of quartz crystal singing bowls, didgeredoo's, flutes, chimes, gongs, rattles, and string instruments, we offer a collection of sounds to leave each person with a lighter sense of self, calmer, and more relaxed. For some, ailments and healing occurs, as well as, spiritual connections, which we leave an open time at the end to communicate with the sound practitioners to answer any questions.

Twilight Reveille ended in 2018 when Jennifer Proctor moved out of Atlanta. The space was transformed with Seay and Ashley Chase and out of it HUM grew into more sound opportunities around Atlanta.

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