At the end of 2019, Ashley Chase, Founder of HUM was honored with the award for the Best of Atlanta Wellness Program Award! 

This journey has been a very challenging one, to a point when I was told I won the award, I questioned the Atlanta Business Recognition committee because I did not believe I had won.  It was weird feeling to know that all the energy I had been sharing with audiences throughout the Southeastern states had won me an award in Atlanta, GA.  I did not believe it.  My family had to point out that I had actually won the award, once I shared the email with them.

 (At Author and Online TV Host: Jessica Joines's CEO Women's Purpose Retreat introducing the crystal singing bowls to the women's group.)

I have had the hono...

We had the opportunity to perform a live HUM Sound Journey televised from the Consulate of India's amphitheater for International Yoga Day on June 21st, 2019 for thousands of yogis.  Our Founder Ashley Chase invited percussionist Quinton Wayne and flutist Nyeemah Soulslayer to come join and present their world healing sounds to the Consulate's audience. Thousands of people came out to attend the Consulate's International Day of Yoga in Sandy Springs, GA. 

We were honored to play for the Consulate and the audience and were humbled by so many yogis participating in this one day event.  

We were asked as individual Sound practitioners to come in to play for ISTA (International Sound Therapy Association) in Atlanta, GA for a Mass Meditation and Sound Performance event produced by Breakout and The Big Quiet in Atlanta's Fox Theater's Egyptian Ballroom.  Musicians and Sound Practitioners came together to perform Friday night, June 1st: (Left to Right) Seay, Jennifer Proctor, Ashley Chase, and Michael Burke.

 The Big Quiet: Mass Meditation built an audience of approximately 500 people and the sound meditation began the Meditation night, followed by the Founders of the Breakout and The Big Quiet speaking, and musicians OK Cello and singer Mereba finishing out the night.

It was a beautiful evening of sound, empowerment, and meditation.

I had the pleasure to lead the OM Walking Meditation for Wanderlust where we included crystal singing bowls along the walk with  Sound Practitioner, Samantha Stokes to bring more magic into the center of the city's nature walk.

Pictured Ashley Chase and Starr Robinson at Wanderlust.

After years of playing the crystal singing bowls in my home, I was asked to fill in, in the sound band called 'twilight reveille', and the playing never stopped. 

Every Wednesday evening we play: Seay, Jennifer Proctor, Ashley Chase, and other invited musicians to bring to life a beautiful cascade of meditative sounds for a sound journey.  Each week we have approximately 10-25 people and are delighted to share our sound healings with the audience members and have their insight.

The sounds are created by an assortment of earth-made acoustic instruments.  Each instrument is attuned to the frequency of a pure musical note and hertz that also connects to each chakra in ones body.

With the instruments of quartz crystal singing bowls, didgeredoo's, flute...

A balanced lifestyle comes in from different people's perspectives, because each person has their own unique blueprint on what balance is.  No ones balance is the same.  Each persons balance is completely different.  And this is a good thing to know, so that when we are in introducing and learning about creating a lifestyle that fits our basic needs and wants, we have to look within to discover what our needs and wants are. 

When you discover the ways that work for you as an individual, then you will begin to see your own personal transformation.

Tips to finding your balance:

1) Look within to your life and see what is causing you stress. Make a plan to release these parts of your life to adjust your stress levels and live a happier...

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