Gifts for Yourself & Others

The Artists involved with HUM have all been challenged by something in their life, their art expresses the challenges and stories of their challenges.  Each artist expresses their transitions with empowering creative pieces. 

Each piece is here to be purchased to bring hope, inspiration and encouragement to any person going through a tough time, and /or needing support to keep working towards their dreams.

Monies from all HUM contributors - All HUM contributors willingly donate 33% of all their earnings to the HUM Foundation.  The HUM Foundation was created to support the development of young men and women to go through an educational platform to learn self truth, life skills, creative development in an after school program. grow into their true selves, connect with who they are, and build their own stable foundation. With this, they can begin to live a gentle and peaceful life, and we can begin to build a happy society. 

Shared listening will lead us to think and work together. improving our collective experience, and release better gifts for the world.


go directly to aiding the services that the Practitioners and Artists will be giving to the clients who need them most, and cannot afford it.  These Clients will be gifted the  services by our practitioners and artists with the intention that when the clients are well, they will give back to HUM and pass the payment forward to the next person and generations who are in need of support and healing.  The monies go to pay for the labor, organization, supplies and tools and any other applicable costs that could be brought in to further help the client and the clients home with supportive healing, cleaning and organization.   It is our belief and philosophy that the ill are sick because a part of their selves needs to be expressed to be healed with a plethora of CARE experiences, we are able to cater a plan that will help each client become better.   

Support our mission today by purchasing gifts for yourself, your friends and your family.


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