Hearts Uniting Mankind is an organization of practitioners and artists impacting the world through a journey of physical, emotional, & spiritual balance, not only for ourselves but a growing community of self-healers. As a collective, we are actively supporting the needs of our communities in many ways; including corporate and community creative wellness programs, private and group classes, workshops, & specialized schooling for upcoming practitioners.  We are founded on the principle of regenerative creative, energy, wellness. 


We value integrity, respect, compassion, understanding, and global harmony. Each of our programs were created to assist the individual in regaining inner balance, renewing emotional strength, & revitalizing the physical body. We also enjoy helping others connect with their inner child through creative adventures, art workshops, music events, and opportunities to try new hobbies & activities.


Everyone is here on Earth to Live a Good Life - in Harmony & in Balance.

HUM, Hearts Uniting Mankind's Initiatives are two-fold. With every single project and gift item, we are raising money for two focuses in mind. (I) Our first initiative is focused on instilling these regenerative practices into our daily lives to ensure a healthier tomorrow.  While we host our musical events, classes, workshops and retreats, and create a variety of gift items, art, and music to bring a high vibration from our hearts to your home, we are investing this time to create a network and to assist in creating stable, secure, safe and healing centers formed on holistic creative healing, to help the world at large.  33.3% of donations and funding is being reserved for our first Eco and Regenerative Center for people of all ages to be nurtured by our programs and create their own healing.


Which leads us to our (II) second initiative is to clean and heal the waters of the Earth: through our efforts of cleaning the waters; the Earth and all inhabitants have a better chance of living on a healthy and thriving Earth.


The amount of trash left behind is astounding and we have made it our mission to pick-up and create new recycling habits that make the maximum impact on our environment.

Through this initiative we are able to individually and collectively mindfully live and create our new Earth for the future children. 


  As our Founder, Ashley Chase, knows from her own healing journey sometimes we need a space that is safe, secure, an stable in nature to get to the depths of our own healing.


This will be a place deeply rooted in healing modalities and community support. If you've ever wished there was a place to take a breathe and rest from "Life", this is the place. We believe communities like this are connecting all around the world, and we would like to build one with you.

If you would like to become more involved, get in touch by contacting us below.


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